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Seven Hills Anesthesia Sponsors Rock the Block Event

  On April 20th, 2024 Seven Hills Anesthesia partnered with Habitat for Humanity joining 371 volunteers from around the Tristate area in supporting the beautification and repair goals of the Covington, Kentucky community. Rock the Block is an extension of the Habitat for Humanity Repair Program. The goal of the Repair Program is to preserve low-income homeownership and improve the quality of life for low and middle-income homeowners through holistic place-based investment.

     Seven Hills Anesthesia’s sponsorship provided access to tools that were used for repairs of the homes for Rock the Block. SHA also sponsored an individual home that needed specified repairs including landscaping, painting, cleaning and lawn care. Twenty-one different homes were beautified by volunteers during Rock the Block event, providing the homeowners with a chance to complete projects that would otherwise not have been completed.