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Cincinnati Magazine’s Top Doctors of 2024 List

Cincinnati Magazine has released the Top Doctors of 2024 list and Seven Hills Anesthesia is thrilled to share that thirteen of our physicians are featured. Congratulations to the following anesthesiologists:

  • Masroor Alam M.D.
  • Kirt Beckes M.D.
  • Michael Cardosi M.D.
  • Kristopher Durbin M.D.
  • Thomas Elsass M.D.
  • Russell Graf M.D.
  • Sai Gundavarpu M.D.
  • John Herold III M.D.
  • Steven Kuester M.D.
  • Justin Little D.O.
  • Prashant Nayak M.D.
  • Thomas Sobolewski M.D.
  • James Weller M.D.

The full list of physicians can be viewed at