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All billing matters are managed by our medical billing specialists AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions. Please contact them with all billing-related questions at the number provided below or by utilizing our Live Chat option found on the bottom right corner of this webpage.

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Understanding Anesthesia

Our anesthesiology professionals partner with your physician and surgeon to make your experience as positive as possible. Following is some useful information about anesthesia – how to prepare and what to expect before, during and after. Your care team can give you a deeper understanding of your individual care – be sure to discuss any questions or concerns you have with them about your specific care.

What to Expect

Preoperative Interview

During a preoperative visit in the days prior or on the day of your procedure, one of our professionals will evaluate your condition, including medical history and medications. Tell them if you or a family member has ever had any issues with anesthesia, or if you have any dental issues. Your anesthetic choices will be discussed.

Day of Surgery

It’s important that you follow all directions regarding medications and fasting before your procedure. Have an adult with you during the procedure to drive you home afterwards.

Types of Anesthesia

Your anesthesia provider and your surgeon will coordinate to determine which type of anesthesia is best for you. Depending on the surgery and your health, you may have several options.

General Anesthesia

Anesthesia provided through a mask, IV, or airway resulting in total loss of consciousness – you will be fully asleep. General Anesthesia is usually for more invasive surgical procedures. You will not be aware of any pain or sensation during your procedure.


MAC (Monitored Anesthesia Care) is provided through an IV. While there’s a small chance you may fade in and out of consciousness, the overwheling majority of patients are entirely unaware of the procedure. MAC is commonly paired with a regional anesthesia to stop sensation from a specific area.

Regional Anesthesia

An injection of an anesthetic near a cluster of nerves, resulting in loss of sensation in an area. Unless other medication is used, regional anesthesia does not result in loss of conscciousness. This is often combined with MAC anesthesia for this purpose. Two common forms of regional anesthesia are Peripheral Nerve Block and Epidural Anesthesia. Peripheral Nerve Block stops sensation through a nerve or group of nerves, usually in the extremities. An Epidural – or Spinal – is an injection in the spine, blocking sensation in a large area of the body such as the abdomen, hips or legs. This is the most common anesthesia for laboring patients.

During Surgery

Your body’s functions are closely monitored by your anesthesia care team in order to appropriately diagnose, regulate, and treat you while an individualized balance of anesthetic medications is administered, optimizing your safety and comfort. Remembering events before and after an anesthetic is a normal – especially with regional and local anesthesia, while awareness under general anesthesia is extremely rare.

After Surgery

Your anesthesiologist is responsible for your care in the recovery room, or post anesthesia care unit (PACU), where they will monitor your condition as the effects of the anesthesia wear off. Some pain after a procedure is normal, and may be treated with medications if needed. Some common side effects include nausea, vomiting, weakness, dizziness, muscle aches, shivering, sore throat, and for regional anesthesia loss of sensation and movement for a period of time.

Anesthesia may remain in your system for up to 24 hours. Don’t do the following for 24 hours: drive a car, operate heavy equipment, drink alcohol, make any important decisions, sign legal documents or smoke.

Your Care Team

Your anesthesia care team is made up of an anesthesiologist, a certified registered nurse anesthetist, or both. Anesthesiologists are physicians who have completed medical school as well as at least 4 years of residency training. Certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) are advanced practice nurses with a college degree and at least a master’s, while many have a doctorate.

Your care team is responsible for your well-being before, during, and after your procedure. In the operating room, your anesthesia provider will manage vital functions and fluid and blood replacement, if needed. They regulate the anesthetic so you are as safe and comfortable as possible.

Billing and Insurance

Seven Hills Anesthesia utilizes AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions to manage the billing for all our anesthesia services. They are responsible for all billing related issues. If you do not find the answer to your billing question below, contact them directly at 859.341.2666.

Bills can be conveniently and securely paid online through AdvantEdge, our medical billing company:

Pay Bill Online.

Seven Hills Anesthesia bills for professional anesthesia services. A sample bill is provided here. This bill is for the anesthesia services themselves. Depending on where your procedure is held, you may receive an additional bill from that organization to cover medications, equipment and facility fees related to your anesthesia. That bill is not associated with Seven Hills Anesthesia and any questions regarding that bill should be referred to the relevant organization.

Bills from Seven Hills will come from “Anesthesia Group Practice Inc”. This is the legal name for Seven Hills Anesthesia. Checks should be made payable to Anesthesia Group Practice Inc. and sent to P.O. Box 630794, Cincinnati, OH 45263-0794.

If you have an accepted insurance, some or all of the anesthesia costs may be covered. If you have provided the relevant qualifying insurer information to Seven Hills Anesthesia, their contribution should be reflected in your bill. Note at right the insurer contributions towards the bill under the “Payments/Adjustments” column. Frequently, insurers do not cover the entirety of the costs. The balance of the bill is due by you. Note at right the balance due by the recipient in the bottom right corner next to “Amount Due”. A list of accepted insurance is provided below.

Image of Sample Bill
Sample Bill

If you feel you have been billed incorrectly, been incorrectly denied coverage, or have any other questions about your bill, contact AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions, our medical billing company, at 859.341.2666.

Accepted Insurance

Seven Hills Anesthesia accepts most major insurance carriers. Check below if you want to confirm you’re in network.


Medicare Advantage

Aetna Better Health Kentucky Managed Medicaid

AMBetter (Marketplace)

Buckeye (Ohio)
MHS (Indiana)

AmeriHealth Caritas

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Kentucky Managed Medicaid
Medicare Advantage
Dual Medicare/Medicaid
Medicare Select
Blue Connection HMO
Pathways HMO – Kentucky
Pathways PPO – Ohio & Kentucky

Anthem (Indiana Medicaid)

Healthy Indiana Plan
Hoosier Healthwise
Hoosier Care Connect

AARP (United Healthcare) Medicare Advantage

Buckeye Community Health Plan of Ohio

Ohio Managed Medicaid
Medicare Advantage
Dual Medicare/Medicaid – MyCare Ohio
Marketplace – AMBetter

BWC-Bureau of Workers Compensation – Ohio


Marketplace – Kentucky, Indiana & Ohio
Medicare Advantage

Caresource Medicaid

Ohio Managed Medicaid
Indiana Managed Medicaid
Healthy Indiana Plan


Medicare Advantage

Custom Design Benefits

Elite Health


Commercial & Medicare Advantage
Choice Care Network
Kentucky Managed Medicaid

Imagine Health



States of Kentucky, Ohio & Indiana

Medical Benefits Administrators

Medical Mutual of Ohio

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Part B

MHS Indiana Medicaid

Molina Healthcare of Ohio

Kentucky Managed Medicaid
Ohio Managed Medicaid
Medicare Advantage

Multiplan, Inc.

Northern Kentucky Health Dept. Women’s Cancer Screening Program

Ohio Department of Health Breast and Cervical Cancer Detection Program

Ohio Healthy Choice

Paramount -Ohio Managed Medicaid

Passport Health Plan by Molina – Kentucky Managed Medicaid

United Community Health Plan

Indiana Hoosier Care Connect
Kentucky Managed Medicaid
Ohio Managed Medicaid

United Healthcare

Medicare Advantage

VA Community Care


Kentucky Managed Medicaid
Medicare Advantage Meridian Health

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact with questions about my bill?

If you have billing related questions, contact our medical billing specialist AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions at 859.341.2666.

Who do I contact about anesthesia or other medical-related questions?

If you have a non-billing related inquiry, contact Seven Hills Anesthesia via our contact form or phone.

Will I receive multiple bills for anesthesia services?

Anesthesia is a distinct professional service, provided by unique specialists. You will be billed for the professional services of your anesthesiologist and/or CRNA. Our bills cover specifically the professional services related to anesthesiology. Your hospital may charge separately for medications, equipment, and facilities used during your anesthesia.

Why did I receive multiple bills related to my procedure?

Our bill covers specifically anesthesia services. Depending on the details of your procedure, you may recieve additional bills. Seven Hills Anesthesia is not associated with these additional bills. If you have questions about additional bills, contact the relevant organizations.

Why did I get a bill from “Anesthesia Group Practice Inc”?

Anesthesia Group Practice Inc is the legal name for Seven Hills Anesthesia. All checks should be made payable to Anesthesia Group Practice Inc.

Who should I make checks out to and where should I send them?

All checks should be made payable to Anesthesia Group Practice Inc. (Seven Hills Anesthesia’s legal name) and sent to P.O. Box 630794, Cincinnati, OH 45263-0794.

Is my bill covered by insurance?

If you hold insurance through one of the accepted insurers, part or all of your bill may be covered by them. If you’ve provided the relevant insurance information to Seven Hills Anesthesia, the insurer’s contribution should be reflected in the bill under the “Payments/Adjustments” column. A list of accepted insurance is provided above. If you have a question about insurance and your bill, contact our medical billing company AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions at 859.341.2666.

Is my personal information safe?

Protecting your personal information is important to Seven Hills Anesthesia. Our HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices is available here.